What is Your Mission Statement for 2014?

Every year, I always draft what I call “Project Ash”. I received the idea from a client of mines many years ago and was really intrigued by the idea and thus made it my own. It is essentially a written project plan for the year or some specified period. This year my project ended up being about 8 pages long. I enjoy this project and I especially enjoy reading the previous years’ version. My “Project Ash” document includes a theme for the year, a mission statement (modified from year to year) and specific goals. Each Goal gets a page and I write down all the necessary steps needed to achieve each goal. Lastly, I write a diagram of how each goal is connected and how each goal furthers the other goals and make me a better person. What I have learned this year after writing Project Ashley 2014 is that I have grown up! I now realize that I cannot do it all and my attention should be focused on a handful of projects at a time.

I do not believe that your “Projects” should be shared. Only you should read this personal document. However, I would love to share my mission statement, which I stole from Anthony Robbins (entrepreneur and philanthropist). I found that I added one word to his mission …DISCIPLINE!

Mission Statement: To humbly serve the Lord by being a loving, playful, powerful, disciplined and passionate example of the absolute joy that is available to us the moment we rejoice in God’s gifts and sincerely love and serve all of his creations

What IS your mission statement for 2014?


Happy New Year!

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